Corporate Support

"Corporate" covers business, government, university and non-profit entities. We depend on the strong support of our corporate partners not only for financial donations but also for access to internship placements, scholarships and other forms of in-kind contributions relating to our programs. We also value the expertise of the seasoned professionals that work in the different organizations whose support we seek, and look to draw on their experience in building and enhancing various aspects of our operations. As a corporate entity, you can therefore do a lot to support us.

Many corporations around the world give to Africa and are usually involved in social responsibility efforts on the continent. Also, Africa receives billions of dollars in foreign aid every year from a number of international institutions. The AfricaNext Project represents a fresh and powerful option for making a last impact on the continent. It is a new and more focused way for spending a portion of aid directed to Africa.

Africa needs visionary leaders that will harness the ingenuity and resourcefulness of the African people to create uniquely African solutions to the many challenges facing the continent. We believe that by exposing our young leaders to the concept of leadership in well established institutions and organizations around the world we can help equip them for the task of building the strong and stable institutions that the continent needs. As a business, government, international organization, university or non-profit, you can help us achieve this goal.

Africa is a continent of about one billion people that holds abundant natural resources. So whether you are a corporation with current investments or an interest in investing in Africa, or collaborating with governments on the continent, the Africa that you help build today through your support of our leadership programs can mean the stable and progressive environments that you do business in tomorrow.

Thank you for your generous support!

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