Individual Support

 The AfricaNext Project relies on a broad base of individual supporters to advance its goals. Individual donations come in various forms: financial contributions, volunteer time or in-kind support.

If you have a genuine interest in Africa and in its development, The AfricaNext Project represents a fresh and powerful option to create a real impact on the continent. Your contributions go to developing young women and men who will lead the continent in various capacities. As we expose our young leaders to various well-structured programs, institutions and networks that will help build their leadership qualities, we can finally address the may serious issues facing the continent - from health challenges to human rights, from poverty to corruption, from political instability to regional conflicts. The list goes on. But the solution starts here.

Consider supporting The AfricaNext Project today. You can be sure that your gift is handled with the necessary discretion and greatest ethical standards.

Thank you for your generous support!

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