Alumni Support

Our alumni are our success stories. Every person that goes through any of our programs carries with them our great hope for a more prosperous and peaceful Africa. You become part of a family that cares and wishes to see you succeed as a leader in your chosen endeavour. However, we also expect the highest standards of respect, integrity and excellence from you as you press forward to make your mark on the world. By doing this, you contribute enormously to the integrity of our organization. The AfricaNext Project will not be associated with any form of criminal or illegal activities, or with any one who engages in such. Our beliefs are core to who we are, and we take them very seriously.

As the years go by, we also hope that you will continue to support us by actively volunteering in our programs and projects, and helping us identify young Africans that are the right fit for our vision. By encouraging these talented individuals to join our cause, we will be assured of a strong network of quality and focused leadership for very many generations to come.

As well, as you grow and attain great heights in your careers, we hope you will constantly give back to The AfricaNext Project. Your financial contributions will ensure that we continue to remain relevant and strong in our quest to develop generation after generation of quality African leadership, and realize the Africa of our dreams.

Thank you for your continued support.

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