It starts with "You"

The AfricaNext Project Inc. is dedicated to building the right kind of leadership for a peaceful and prosperous Africa. We need you to make that happen. Poor leadership is the root cause of poverty, war, disease and mass suffering on the continent. If we can help equip some of Africa's young and promising minds to become the kind of leaders that selflessly serve their people and improve lives in their communities, then Africa and Africans can enter into a new era of opportunities.

As alumni, individuals, or corporate entities, your generous support makes it possible for us to run our leadership programs, and implement the necessary training and support these young individuals need to empower themselves and their communities, and bring about real change across all of Africa.

Thank you for your support.

How You can get involved

There are so many ways to help. Please take some time to learn what part you can play in this project:


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Corporate Champions

You can also reach us directly at our contact coordinates to discuss your plans to support us:

Development Office
The AfricaNext Project Inc.
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Telephone: +1 306-584-2749
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