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 The AfricaNext Project Inc. is a registered not-for-profit organization headquartered in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. We are a global leadership development group focused on Africa's advancement. We seek the establishment and sustenance of a peaceful and prosperous Africa through the development of ethical, democratic and focused leadership on the continent. Our organization was conceived in 2008, and officially registered in December 2009.

We believe in the promise of Africa and see an opportunity to drive real change on the continent by working closely with young Africans around the world who have a sincere and selfless love for their countries, and a heart to serve their people. We are therefore on a continual search for those young visionaries, innovative minds and energetic spirits who are ready to write the new African story. We provide programs and opportunities that will help build this new and successful brand of African leadership. Our alumni become part of a collaborative and influential global network working together to sustain peace and prosperity in Africa.

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The AfricaNext Project Inc.
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