LeadNext Internship Program

The LeadNext Internship program is the flagship program of The AfricaNext Project Inc. This highly prestigious program is reserved for AfricaNext Scholars, iLead Alumni and exceptional first-time applicants. For four months at a time, LeadNext interns are paired with chief/senior executives and leaders of top-performing businesses, government departments, academic institutions and civil society, from whom they receive high-quality mentorship.

The idea of our LeadNext program is to help young Africans understand, and learn firsthand how to implement the mechanisms that ensure transparency, accountability, integrity and efficiency within various sectors of developed economies and government structures. Simply put, interns learn what it means to be a chief executive or senior executive level leader of a high-performing organization on a day-to-day basis, and learn how to meet the high standards of moral ethics, integrity and duty that apply to such positions.

As a partial requirement of their internship, LeadNext interns are expected to produce an original research paper where they apply the knowledge gained from their internship to prescribe solutions to an African issue of their choice. Copies of the work done by our scholars will be housed in our library.

LeadNext Internships can be renewed for up to a year depending on the mutual interest of the intern and the host organization, as well as the availability of an assigned senior executive mentor.