iLead Summer School

iLead is an intensive two-week leadership program that takes place once every year, usually between the months of July and August. Applicants to this program must meet the basic eligibility criteria and fulfil other application requirements. Entrance into the iLead Summer School is competitive and our iLead Scholars, drawn from multidisciplinary and diverse backgrounds, display an impressive capacity for exceptional leadership. Typically, no more than 25 scholars are selected every year for the summer school.

LeadNext Internship Program

The LeadNext Internship program is the flagship program of The AfricaNext Project Inc. This highly prestigious program is reserved for AfricaNext Scholars, iLead Alumni and exceptional first-time applicants. For four months at a time, LeadNext interns are paired with chief/senior executives and leaders of top-performing businesses, government departments, academic institutions and civil society, from whom they receive high-quality mentorship.

The AfricaNext Graduate Scholarship

With the financial support of our partners from the business, government and academic sectors, we offer a limited number of scholarships every year leading to the award of a Master's degree in areas related to leadership, with a special focus on Africa. In addition to our basic eligibility criteria and other funding-related requirements, applicants must meet the admission requirements of the host institution. This is a highly competitive program open to outstanding applicants.

The AfricaConnect Series

The AfricaConnect Series provides a platform for staff, alumni, mentors, motivators, facilitators and partners of The AfricaNext Project Inc. to work together on exciting new ideas emerging from our operations or programs. Every year, we will embark on at least one bold, high impact special project that advances the vision of a more democratic, prosperous and peaceful Africa.

The AfricaNext Project Inc.
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