Our Vision

A democratic, prosperous, and peaceful Africa governed by capable and principled leaders at the highest levels of public service.

In line with our vision, The AfricaNext Project Inc. will be a leading organization for the development and networking of future African leaders of governments, businesses and civil society. Together, we will be a powerful voice of advocacy for peace, democracy, social justice, economic transparency and human rights on issues that affect Africa - within and outside the continent.

Our Mission

To establish an influential network of future African leaders that work together to create, sustain and protect a democratic, prosperous and peaceful Africa.

Our Core Values

RESPECT: Africa is a highly diverse continent with peoples of different origins, tribes, languages, beliefs and views. To realize peace and prosperity, a new breed of African leadership must show sincere consideration for this diversity. Also, achieving prosperity must not come at the expense of the environment. Therefore, we believe in respect for every individual, the communities we live in and the environment.

INTEGRITY: For us, integrity is ensuring that our actions are always consistent with our beliefs, principles, values and words, whether those actions are done in public or in private. Therefore, integrity is the lifestyle we operate by. It is the legacy that as leaders, we want to leave behind for those that find our paths, and relive our history.

EXCELLENCE: Excellence requires setting and achieving the highest standards. We will strive to go above and beyond in everything we do, upholding excellence as our uncompromised standard.