Titilayo Omolola

I see an Africa built on the foundations of justice, fairness and equality. A continent that empowers its citizens and assures that no one is held above the law.

Executive Lead, Corporate Integrity & Excellence
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How did I end up championing a vision of building a more peaceful and prosperous Africa? I guess I can trace it back to my upbringing. My father was my first teacher in life and he motivated me to always strive for the best and instilled a deep sense of justice and fairness in me. 

That drive to be the best I could be led me to take on leadership opportunities that came my way from a young age. Whether it was representing my school in a debate or facing the heat of a science competition, I always summoned just enough courage for the challenge. As the years passed, I guess I found some more courage here and there to try my hands on some even bigger challenges.

That focus and desire to do better, and reach higher, is something that I have come to deeply want for Africa. As a young African, I can’ t help but feel some sense of loss when I see a continent with so much potential fall short in so many areas where it should lead.

For me, it comes down again to the basics of justice, fairness and equality. How can we effectively empower the next generations of Africans to realize an increasingly greater extent of our potential? I am convinced that the solution lies in redefining and strengthening leadership on the continent. And that is why I am really glad to be part of this bold and inspiring vision at The AfricaNext Project.

I hope I can bring some of my interest, background and exposure in policy and governance as we work with young Africans around the world to address some of Africa’s most pressing problems, and build a more peaceful and prosperous continent.

Recent Experience
- Administrator - Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan ( Sector: Non-profit Management) 

- Master Certificate in Business. University of Regina Canada 
- B.Sc. (Hons) Business Administration, Olabisi Onabanjo University, Nigeria
- National Diploma in Marketing Management. Olabisi Onabanjo University, Nigeria