Graham Dickson

I see an Africa with caring yet powerful leadership; devoted to improving the lives of all Africans.

Executive Leadership Consultant
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Leadership is the ‘golden thread’ that determines whether or not a community, society, or country will move towards a good life for its citizens, or move away from that future. My endeavours over many years have been to understand the leadership practices that make the difference. My short time in Africa showed me that its citizens know what those qualities are, and want to see them in practice. It is a privilege to work with dedicated colleagues in The AfricaNext Project to pursue that goal. 

Dr. Dickson is Senior Policy Advisor to the Canadian Health Leadership Network, Research Advisor to the Canadian Society of Physician Executives, and a member of the Health LEADS Collaborative in Canada, a not-for-profit start-up dedicated to enhancing leadership capacity in the health sector. He is a member of the World Federation of Medical Mangers, and principal of LEADS International, a collaborative partnership aimed at growing and developing health leadership across the globe.