Nnaemeka Okochi

I see an Africa where the rights and freedoms of every child, woman and man are protected. An Africa where children can dream without fear or hindrance, and through integrity and the dignity of hard work, can realize their greatest potential.

Founder & Chief Executive Officer
(Lead, People & Sustainability) 

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As a young boy, I had an exciting childhood. My dad's job took the family to different parts of the world. But I also did a lot of growing up in Nigeria, the country of my birth. Those years would shape my passion and love not only for Nigeria, but for Africa in general.

In Africa, I saw a continent of great possibilities and extraordinary talent. Through extreme hardships and suffering, people always held out hope for a new and better day. But there were many genuine reasons to be frustrated, and like many in society, I got into the habit of complaining about things that just weren't right.

Years later, at some point in my University life, I got involved in a few international sustainable development initiatives that would eventually take me around the globe. During that time, I would meet lots of great people and learn so much. And as my mind expanded, so did my dreams for this continent that I loved so much. That desire in me for change in Africa would grow stronger and stronger as the years went by. But I never really knew what to do with it.

Then in 2008, I had the privilege of chairing the Student Summit for Sustainability, an international sustainability conference of the World Student Community for Sustainable Development. I got to interact with 150 participants from more than 40 different countries, including a number of amazing young Africans. That experience would give me renewed hope in the possibility of a more peaceful and prosperous Africa, and set in motion the idea for this organization. So over the next months after that conference, instead of complaining about everything that was wrong on the continent, I thought a great deal about what little part I could play for a new and better Africa. The outcome of that process was The AfricaNext Project Inc.

As an organization, our story is still being written; but I thank all the wonderful people who have helped so far in moving this vision forward in one way or the other. I hope that our modest collective efforts can blossom to inspire young Africans around the world to take up this leadership challenge to improve their communities, and create a better future for their countries and for generations after them.

Recent experience
- Vice President - Regina Regional Opportunities Commission, Canada (Sector: Economic Development) 
- Director, Economic Development - Regina Regional Opportunities Commission, Canada (Sector: Economic Development)
- Leader, Business Development - SaskEnergy, Canada (Sector: Natural Gas/Energy)
- Vice President, Innovation and Business Development - Communities of Tomorrow, Canada (Sector: Infrastructure/Economic Development)

- Ph.D. Environmental Systems Engineering. University of Regina, Canada
- M.Sc. Engineering (Distinction) Environmentally Sustainable Process Technology. Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
- B.Sc. (Hons) Industrial Chemistry. University of Lagos, Nigeria
- Registered Professional Engineer - Saskatchewan, Canada