Olufunke Okochi

I see a selfless Africa. One devoid of hatred, ethnic rivalry and tribal tensions. An Africa where we all seek and protect the good of one another. One Africa. One people. One community.

Executive Lead, International & Public Affairs
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One thing I love about Africa is the rich cultural diversity and strength we have. Ok, so maybe that is two things! Despite our differences, we are all a part of the same continent and  our roots are a part of Africa's history. Growing up on the continent that was labelled 'third world', I saw first hand some of the challenges faced in an economy struggling to be something greater than what it was. The media didn't help issues either. Day after day, the world is fed a steady diet of what is wrong with Africa. Very few times was the news good. I grew tired of listening to all the negatives and began to ponder how Africa can shake off the unpleasant  pictures and leave them in the past, as it reaches for a future of hope realised and destiny fulfilled.

My love for Africa has inspired my passion to see beyond the negatives to seeing the whole continent rise to its fullest potentials. Not just one country here, and another there, but every country. Each one helping the other to rise and each one lifting the other, serving as a platform for its brothers, and not as a stumbling block or crushing stone.

I believe that with the right leadership, Africa can change, and that for the better. Looking to the future, we and being proactive, I believe we can all play our part in developing the right kinds of leaders we would like to see lead tomorrow's Africa.

Through The AfricaNext Project, my dream is that we help build the continent of our dreams, that prosperous, principal and thriving Africa we yearn for.

Recent experience
- Chief Operating Officer, Petroleum Technology Research Centre, Canada (Sector: Oil and Gas)
- Manager, Corporate Services, Petroleum Technology Research Centre, Canada (Sector: Oil and Gas)
- Communications Consultant, Ministry of Education, Province of Saskatchewan, Canada (Sector: Government)
- Communications Coordinator, Information Service Corporation, Canada (Sector: Government)

- Master's of Arts in Justice Studies - University of Regina
- Oral Communication (French) - Institut Français, University of Regina
- Certificate in Public Relations, University of Regina
- B.Sc. (Hons) Mass Communication, University of Lagos, Nigeria