Steward Dickson

I see an Africa where citizens are empowered to determine their present and future in an atmosphere of peace and prosperity.

Executive Lead, Projects & Field Operations
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I have always been interested in diversity; I have always been excited and motivated in a quest for finding, appreciating and experiencing our staggering range and uniqueness. This excitement has led to many adventures and experiences which I cherish; I have travelled to over 40 countries and done paid and volunteer work in England, Ireland, Thailand and Uganda. Through these experiences I have come to realize that it is our very uniqueness that binds us together.

Such an interest in diversity has propelled me in both my academic and professional endeavours. As an Arts undergraduate student at the University of British Columbia, I majored in Anthropology and minored in African Studies. These academic pursuits left me with a deep understanding and admiration of Africa's distinctive cultures; as well as its rich past and its promising future.

As a federal public servant with Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada I have been involved in the administration of the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement, a historic process meant to resolve issues of abuse arising from the institution of Canada's Residential School system. In this role I have acutely felt the impact to a people whose culture and identity was under siege, an experience which has only deepened my commitment to service and my appreciation of the power of diversity.

I have been fortunate enough to become involved with The Africa Next Project as it allows me to continue pursue my dream of a world where difference is celebrated and not sublimated. I see in Africa a continent of exceptional diversity and potential, and I want to be a part of its promise.

My current studies in the fields of Leadership, Conflict Analysis, Human Security and Peacebuilding have provided me with a unique blend of skill sets central to achieving ANP's vision of a democratic, prosperous, and peaceful Africa guided by capable and principled leaders. I see in this vision for Africa the world's future, one where prosperity is shared and the future is bright and full of possibilities.

Recent experience
- Litigation Information Analyst – Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (public sector)
- Advocate and Laboratory Administrator – The AIDS Support Organisation, Uganda (non-profit sector)

- MA in Human Security and Peacebuilding, Royal Roads University, Victoria, B.C., Canada
- BA in Anthropology and African Studies, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C., Canada
- Associates Certificate in Leadership and Conflict Analysis, The Justice Institute of British Columbia, New Westminster, B.C., Canada
- Certificate in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, The Justice Institute of British Columbia, New Westminster, B.C., Canada