Graham Dickson

I see an Africa with caring yet powerful leadership; devoted to improving the lives of all Africans.

Olufunke Okochi

I see a selfless Africa. One devoid of hatred, ethnic rivalry and tribal tensions. An Africa where we all seek and protect the good of one another. One Africa. One people. One community.

Steward Dickson

I see an Africa where citizens are empowered to determine their present and future in an atmosphere of peace and prosperity.

Titilayo Omolola

I see an Africa built on the foundations of justice, fairness and equality. A continent that empowers its citizens and assures that no one is held above the law.

Nnaemeka Okochi

I see an Africa where the rights and freedoms of every child, woman and man are protected. An Africa where children can dream without fear or hindrance, and through integrity and the dignity of hard work, can realize their greatest potential.

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