Leadership for a new Africa

Africa is a continent of extraordinary promise. From coast to coast, Africa possesses a remarkable array of human and material riches. Sadly, many decades after independence, a majority of African nations have yet to realize even a modest fraction of their potential.

Every year, Africa receives billions of dollars in foreign aid and loans to address a whole host of social and economic challenges. Most often than not, these funds never reach their intended purpose, primarily due to corruption. So while the continent's future is increasingly saddled with a growing debt burden, the issues are left unsolved.

At The AfricaNext Project , we believe that Africa's most important challenge is not the poverty, or the lack of vital infrastructure in key sectors of the society, or the instability that exists in many regions of the continent. While those are significant and grave concerns, they are symptoms of a real and greater issue – the lack of selfless and purposeful leadership. Addressing the leadership gap is fundamental to achieving the true and enduring development that Africa needs. That is why The AfricaNext Project exists. That is why we are on a constant search for talented young Africans around the world who are committed to working with us, and with one another, to realize the kind of serious leadership that a new and prosperous Africa requires.

We are determined to playing a part in making sure that the next generations of African leaders are well equipped to selflessly serve their people and improve lives in their communities.

We hope you will take some time to learn more about us and support us in remaking Africa’s story.

Welcome to The AfricaNext Project!